A Necessary Evil
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
Season: Two
Story Number: 038
Writer: Paul Robert Coyle
Director: Mark Beesley
Broadcast: February 10, 1997
Previous Story: The Quest
Following Story: A Day in the Life

Synopsis Edit

In order to stop the evil, and now immortal, Velasca from hunting down Gabrielle, Xena must unleash an even more depraved immortal to vanquish her---Callisto.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Xena: You may be immortal but I can still do damage. How'd you like to spend eternity in 5 pieces?
  • Callisto: Such a pretty day for a blood bath, How've you been any new husbands since the last one I killed
  • Callisto: (after gabrielle hits her) I knew there had to be some reason you liked her..That was good, but you know the problem don't you..I'm immortal you can't kill me you can't even hurt me. Oh but you want to don't you, Here let me help (stabs herself) See no blood, immortals don't bleed and we heal fast..Oh but not in pieces.
  • Xena: your a laugh a minute

  • Velesca:You must have a death wish."
  • Callisto:You know it's funny, I think I do

  • Gabrielle: Can I ask you something?
  • Callisto: Alright, We both know how much I love chit chat
  • Gabrielle: When we were at the village and Xena was talking about Cirra, Did you feel anything?
  • Callisto: My goodness are you trying to figure me out, I'm flattered.
  • Gabrielle: Answer me or are you afraid?
  • Callisto: Let's play a game shall we, I'll answer your question and you answer mine.
  • Gabrielle: Alright.
  • Callisto: What did I feel when Xena confessed her crime, Well the problem is Gabrielle I never feel anything..I mean bits and pieces here and there but nothing solid...think back to when you were a little girl and all you knew was your mother and your sister and all of your faith revolved around them......Now kill them.. My turn.
  • Gabrielle: What?
  • Callisto: When I sliced open your husband how long did it take him to die?

  • Gabrielle: Xena... Do you think that, deep down, Callisto feels sorry for the things that she's done?
  • Xena: No!
  • Gabrielle: I do. I have to or I can't forgive her. And if I can't forgive her, I can't move on. Goodbye, Callisto.

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Disclaimer Edit

  • The reputation of the Amazon Nation was not harmed despite Velasca's overly radical adherance to an otherwise valid belief system.