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Ephiny played by Dannielle Cormack is an Amazon queen. She has curley mousey hair and is also a good friend of Centaur king Torius. Her arch nemisis is Velasca another Amazon princess. Ephiny is the Amazon who gave Gabrielle her staff. Her first episode was Hooves and Harlots, and her last episode was Last of the Centaurs.

Love Interest:[]

She was married to a centaur prince named Phantes.

She had a son with him (don't think about it) named Xenan, who is named after Xena.


When first seen Ephiny was setting a trap for Xena And Gabrielle.Her trap was interuppted by a third unseen party. During the suprise attack the Queens sister Terris is killed by an arrow, because Gabrielle attempted to sheild Terris from the attack the queeen gave Gabrielle the right to become next in line for the Amazon throne.(Ephiny being the only witness to Terris's Death) At first Gabrielle and Ephiny didn't seem to get along, but eventually they grew close. In the Hooves and Harlot episode a warlord is attempting to start a war between the Amazons and Centaurs.(later the warlord was exposed as the one who ordered Terris's Demise) A raid was planned and during all the caos Ephiny managed to caputre a Centaur named Phantes beilived to be Terris's killer, who was to be executed. When Xena learns otherwise she attempts to talk Ephiny into stopping the execution. which proved difficult. Eventually Ephiny believes Xena and together they put a stop to the execution, There in putting a stop to the war. Soon after Ephiny marries Phantes who is later killed trying to protect her. Xena then helps Ephiny have her son Xenan by C-section.

Ephiny later catches up with Gabrielle after Xena is "killed". So that she can convience Gabrielle to give Xena a proper Amazon burial, since Xena was spiritually an Amazon. This is also when she informs Gabrielle of Queen Melosa's death who was killed by a rouge amazon named Velasca. During this time Ephiny tries to convience Gabrielle to take up her "right to caste" so she can become the queen of the Amazon Tribe, if Gabrielle won't then the only other alternative would be Velasca. If Velasca was to take the throne she could easily start a war with the centaurs over territory. Which then would force Ephiny and her son Xenan to leave the tribe as outcast to fend for themselves alone. Soon after Xena was brought back with ambrosia. After Velsca is defeated Gabrielle of course decides to leave with Xena. There in leaving Ephiny to take the throne as the queen of the Amazon Tribe. Reluctantly Ephiny agrees to accept the throne, stating she was just temporarily acting queen untill Gabrielle reclaimed her throne.