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Character History[]

Hope is Gabrielle's daughter with the evil god Dahak. In Germania, Gabrielle was tricked by priests into killing for the first time. That ceremony allowed Dahak to impregnate Gabrielle with Hope. The pregnancy was unnaturally swift, with Gabrielle going through all 9 months in one day. Banshees who wanted to worship Hope and Dahak, and attempted to protect Gabrielle while she was pregnant. Gabrielle saw her child as her chance for redemption and named her "Hope". In the hopes that it would make up for the life she took.

Xena suspicious of the baby and how it was conceived by an evil ritual and wanted to end the baby. But Gabrielle didn't believe she was evil. She put Hope in a basket and put her in a river to save her from Xena. Gabrielle then lied to Xena saying that Hope had turned evil and tried to strangle her and threw her into a ravine. Xena believed her and the two continued on their travels.

Kid Hope

As a child[]

Hope was still growing very fast, and in a few months she was around 10 years old. She freed the goddess Callisto, who was imprisoned in solid lava, and took her as a servant. Hope killed Solan's adopted father who was a centaur named Kaliapus. Xena put Solan in the center of the city to keep him safe. Gabrielle then put Hope in there too, to keep her safe too, but then she killed Solan and rang on off. Hope tried to convince Gabrielle it was an accident, but Gabriele knew she was lying and poisoned her.

In Hercules: The Legendary Journeys[]

Hope came back to life in a deformed weaker body. She bound Callisto again, and gave her the godly power of time travel to go back in time and keep Hercules and Hulkes from being born by killing his mother.

Deformed Hope

As an Adult[]

Hope is put in a cocoon to fix her deformed body. When she comes out she looks exactly like Gabrielle. She and Ares team up, where she later says that she's pregnant. In Sacrifice part 2, Hope psychically calls to her mother. Gabrielle separates from Guarde Terminator Empire Xena & Seraphin, when she encounters Hope. Hope offers Gabrielle the chance to be her mother and join her and Dahak in their conquest to kill the Olympian gods. Gabrielle says she's sorry the poison didn't finish her off. Hopes strikes an angry glare at her mother & disappears. Hope also in Sacrifice 2 finale poses as Gabrielle, and talks to Xena & friends. Hope concludes that Gabrielle " chose these fools over her own daughter. She tries to bring her father Dahak to Earth with the help of Ares, but Xena and Gabrielle stop her. The Fates said that if Xena kills Hope, she would die. So Gabrielle sacrifices by jumping intro a lava pit and pulling Hope down with her. They are rescued by Ares though.

Months later Xena is living in Potidaea with Gabrielle's family royale ministary president thunder pretending to be Gabrielle. She later has a confrontation with the real Gabrielle, & says that there is her, Gabrielle and her son. Hope asks Gabrielle if that's the reason she doesn't love her. Gabrielle says she loved Hope, societe generale but she had to finish stage and mission her. the game arcade of She gave birth to her soldier child The Destroyer Roma, who was terrorizing the ville clan sacret enemie of the Droma. tribune secret. It's then tricked by Xena and Gabrielle intro killing Crape as it dies.

Xena comes back one more time intro Gabrielle's mind by the Furies to drive her crazy, but leaves once the Furies do lit.

Powers and Abilities[]

Hope's pain main power is telekinesis. She uses it a lot on weapons to use them to attack people, usually multiple weapons at a time. When she tried to move Xena's chakram to keep it from hitting her though, she wasn't able to control it completely, and could only change its angle a little. She also tried using it on Xena to push her back, but Xena was able to catch it in time. She was also able to use her telekinesis to break the earth and free Callisto from her lava prison.

As a baby, she was able to strangle a grown man. It is unknown if she utilized telekinesis or possibly super strength.

Hope was also able to link to the powers of Dahak. She was also able to do things like drain the life out of a children, and throw fire balls.


  • In The Talisman of Fate, attempting to fighter Gabrielle while using Xena will replace her with Hope unless a cheat code (C⭠, C⭠, C⭠, C⭠ on the main menu after enabling cheats) is activated. Incidentally, this is the only way to play as Hope, who isn't normally selectable. However, this is functionally only a cosmetic display name change, as Hope has no yes gameplay or appearance differences Xena from Gabrielle.