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Valkyrie Xena using the ring.

The Rheingold is a magical and very powerful chunk of gold. It's in an underwater cave in the Rhein River and is protected by the Rhein Maidens

The Rheingold's HistoryEdit

When Xena was evil, sometime after she left China, she headed north to the lands of the Norse gods. There she found Odin, gave him a lust for power like her, and he turned her into a Valkyrie. She learned about the Rheingold, and tricked Odin into telling her where it was. Xena went to the Rhein River and convinced the Rhein Maidens that she wanted to be one of them. Xena told them to be a Rhein Maiden, she would need to see the Rheingold. So they took her to it, and she stole it from them.

The RingEdit

Xena melted down the Rheingold and turned it into a ring. When someone wears the ring, they are given ultimate power, but it can only be used by someone who has forsaken love. A person who wears it and hasn't, gets what's most precious to them taken away after getting a short surge of power.

The Valkyrie Grinhilda tried to stop Xena, so she took the ring and put it on to defeat her. Grinhilda had her beauty and humanity taken away from her by the the ring. She turned into a monster, and was locked in a cave for 35 years with the ring where gave birth to the monster Grendel.

Grinhilda and Grendel got out of the caves and Xena came back. She took the ring from Grendel, but was attacked by Grinhilda, Odin, and Valkyries where she needed to put on the ring to defeat them. The ring then took away the woman that Gabrielle turned Xena into, and she lost her memories.

The Valkyrie Brunhilda took the ring from Xena and gave it to Gabrielle. Brunhilda turned herself into an eternal flame for Gabrielle, where she transformed into a living fire that surrounded her, and only Gabrielle's soul mate could pass through. Gabrielle fell asleep in the fire with the ring, and was guarded by Grinhilda. A year later Xena was found where she passed through the fire and got the ring. Xena used the ring on Grinhilda, which turned her back into her human form. The ring then turned back into a chunk of gold and Xena gave it back to the Rhein Maidens.