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Solan and Xena


He is the son of Xena and Borias concieved during Xena's warlord days. During the pregnancy, Alti cursed Xena's unborn son in an attempt to stop Xena from changing her dark ways. Alti knew that Xena's child would turn her back to good. Xena escaped Alti to protect her child. However, the curse stuck, and Solan grew up not knowing the love of either of his parents. Shortly after Xena gives birth, Borias is slain in battle. Fearing that her enemies would target Solan, Xena leaves him with the Centaur named Kaleipus to be raised. While the Centaurs are hesitant to assist Xena, they agree to raise "the son of Borias" as one of their own.

Ten years later, Xena finally finds him. This is when she learns that Solan blames her for the death of his father Borias. Xena finally convinces him that she did not kill his father, and after a struggle, they become friends, yet Xena does not have the heart to tell Solan that she is his mother. Soon after, he is killed by Hope (Gabrielle's daughter) as an attempt to get revenge on Xena for trying to kill her as a baby. This leads to a bitter fight between Xena and Gabrielle. Solan saves Xena and Gabrielle from their hatred and finds out then that Xena is his mother.