The Path Not Taken
Series: Xena: Warrior Princess (1995)
Season: One
Story Number: 005
Writer: Julie Sherman
Director: Doug Ibold
Broadcast: October 2, 1995
Previous Story: Cradle of Hope
Following Story: The Reckoning

Synopsis Edit

A young princess is captured by Myzantius, an arm's dealer, who wants to use her to start a war in order to drum up business. The victim's fiance hires Xena to find her. Xena accepts but is recognized by the ruffians, and especially an old flame, Marcus. Marcus thinks Xena is out to purloin the weapons and she leads him on with that thought. However, he finds out the truth after he finds Xena stuffing the princess into a basket during a botched escape attempt. Marcus gets all confused: he turns Xena in, then regrets it, and finally he uses his body as a shield to save the princess from death. Xena kills the arms dealer and mourns at Marcus' funeral pyre.

Memorable quotes Edit

  • Gabrielle: Did you ever notice that we never have a problem getting a table?
Xena: It's a mystery to me
  • Mezentius: You're scared, you're afraid of me ... that's good. And, you turned two of my men ... that's smart. Stop by my office tomorrow and you've got a job.
  • Marcus (to Xena): You know, there is something different about you now. Before, you were so determined, like you always had something to prove. But now... it's like now you have the answer, when I've never even found the question.

Cast Edit

Background information and notes Edit

  • This episode had the working title Going Home.
  • Lucy Lawless performed and wrote the Hassidic dirge heard at Marcus' funeral.
  • The robe that Xena wears at the hot springs is the same one she wore in the dream where she communicates with Gabrielle in the Dreamworker episode.

Continuity and mistakes Edit

  • When Agernon is kicked, his necklace falls over his face with the medallion landing by his right ear. In the next shot, the necklace is still around his neck.
  • Marcus used the excuse that he wanted to show Xena the inventory in order to get them of the hook. But, how does that explains the passed out guard outside? Could Marcus have moved him so any passersby wouldn't see him?

Disclaimer Edit

  • There was no humorous disclaimer for this episode.